AstroPsychology’s broad, inclusive focus and systematic precision distinguishes it from previous attempts to integrate the two fields. This book should appeal equally to the beginner and to the experienced astrologer. Perry provides an original, cross-theoretical synthesis that integrates relevant concepts from a number of different traditions — astrological, psychological, and spiritual. The result is an astrological model of consciousness that goes beyond conventional theories of personality. Motivation for behavior is related to specific needs symbolized by zodiacal signs. Planets are psychological processes designed to satisfy the needs of the signs they rule. Houses symbolize the context, or setting, within which these processes manifest. Finally, planetary aspects reflect the individual’s core beliefs about the relative likelihood of meeting basic needs. A central theme of the book is that the astrological chart depicts a life script that can be lived out at successively higher levels of integration. Each element of the chart symbolizes both an inner and an outer reality, the interaction of which fuels the process of soul development. By using the chart to gain insight into one’s unique personal mythology, the individual is empowered to consciously participate in his or her own evolution.ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=astropsychology&qid=1559030474&s=gateway&sr=8-1